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Just Get Money is  a new investment company cum HYIP which was founded by a group of Forexbrokers, traders,financial advisers in Johannersburg back in 2010. From 2010 until now, the company has been operating offline as a capital investment program and it only started its online investment 2 months ago.
The program seems to be operating pretty much the same ways as Just Been Paid.  Once you have completed your registration process, you get a $10 sign up bonus, but you can only be able to use it if you purchase more than 15 postions or invest more than $150, initially. Otherwise, the bonus will be added to your account on 30th day of your first deposit.
They are offering 4 different types of investment packages.
  • Money Tripler
  • Booster Planv
  • Premium Plan
  • Elite Plan

Money Tripler Investment Plan
  • Number of position - 1
  • Amount to deposit -
  • Price per Position - $15
  • Daily Earnings - 2.20%
  • Duration - 70 days
Booster Plan Investment Plan
  • No of positions - 80
  • Amount to deposit - $1200
  • Price per Position - $15
  • Daily Earnings - 2.20%
  • Duration - 70 days
Premium Plan Investment Plan
  • No of positions - 240
  • Amount to deposit - $3600
  • Price per Position - $15
  • Daily Earnings - 2.20%
  • Duration - 70 days
The minimum number of positions you can buy with Premium Plan is 80 worth $1200.
Elite Plan
  • No of positions - 560
  • Amount to deposit - $8400
  • Price per Position - No Information
  • Daily Earnings - No information
  • Duration - No information  
The minimum number of positions you can buy with Premium Plan is 560 or $8399.
Just Get Money Tripler Program
JGM tripler program has three stages; First, Second and Third.
First Stage
  • $10 free sign up money in their Tripler program (you can only use it immediately if you  purchase 15 positions. Otherwise you will have to wait until 30th day of your first deposit).
  • Each position cost $15
  • 2.2% daily for 70 days (total 154% in 70 days)
  • Daily withdraw
  • Minimum withdraw $28
  • Each $15 position will bring a total of $23.10 at this stage

Second Stage
  • After 70 days bought positions will die or mature. Every 8 positions will earn a matrix if  all the 8 positions were bought at the same time.
  • If you have this matrix, you can claim it by depositing $32 to the administration. After 36-72 days, you will get $87.6 for each matrix (65% of initial deposit), giving your  a total return of 154% (first stage) + 73 %( second stage) = 230% of the main investment.
Third Stage
The Last Stage of Money Tripler is the final and you make a profit of 81% of initial investment. If you have  Four General Matrixes at your down line, you get a Super Matrix worth $97.2 by depositing a cash of $39. Your total return will be 154% (first stage) + 65 %( second stage) + 81% (third stage) = 300 % of the main investment. 
Payment Processors
The site uses Egopay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and SolidTrust Pay. Withdrawal request are processed within 24 hours and sometimes, instantly. Minimum amount you can withdrawal is $28.
The site is secured by Comodo, McAfee, Thawte, trusted and verified by Click ID, Truste and Verisign.
Support System
Online instant chat and email support.
Just Get Money offers a good opportunity to make some cash online but with recent increase of number of HYIPs turning to scam, it is hard to believe any new upcoming HYIP would be sustainable. 

You can find alot of testimonials of real people who have used the program and pictures of some of the projects that they investing in but this does not mean the site is safe. Remember to only invest in what you can afford to lose.  You can visit Just Get Money and learn more about the program.

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