Ferveo Review - How to Get Paid for Ferveo Product Trials

Ferveo is a company that is still in prelaunch stage which claim to offer the most powerful science based products in health and wellness industry once it start operating after 58 days. The company also state to have created a unique lucrative compensation plan like no other one in the world.

So, What is Ferveo?
Ferveo is a direct sales company based in Salt Lake City that will be launced later on by the end of this year.  The overall mission of Ferveo is to allow individuals to rise to their full potentials by providing them with products, training and system that they need to function fully. 

Ferveo Products
Ferveo products will focus on; health, wellness, healthy weight management, beauty and financial products.

Benefits of Using Ferveo Products
  • Unique and patented herbal blend that will improve the way you feel and function.
  • Products made of unique ingredients which have not been sold anywhere in the world.
  • Products created by dozens of doctors and experts inside of a facility operating under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in USA.
  • Products that will support energy, weight loss and relaxation.
  • Products that will help in curbing appetite and cravings for sweet foods thus assisting in a healthy and effective weight management program.
  • Natural products which are low in sugar and low in calories.
  • Once taken, the products work in 6 to 10 minutes and the results last for hours. You can consume one in the morning  and one in the afternoon for optimal results.
  • Immuno compromised individuals, people seeking to get more energy, students and anyone else will get the right products that will help them in achieving the ultimate human potentials.

The first line of products to be introduced into the market will be human performance and immunity boosting beverages that will improve the physical and mental well being of the individuals. It main purpose will be to; increase energy, protect cells, boost immunity, prevent common colds, combat stress and help in mental growth and overall function of the individuals concerned.

Ferveo Compensation Plan
Joining the program is free, once you enroll during pre-launch stage, you will receive your own website where you can start building your downline.  Ferveo compensation plan is a version of the binary compensation model and offers one of the  highest percentage payout in the industry. Ferveo claims to pays an approx 35% more than any other  binary compensation plans of the industry's biggest companies.

Though it is not very clear how you will earn through theircompensation plan but from my understanding, it seems that, Ferveo is offering a kind of CPA (cost per sale) model of business. That means you will only be entitled for a compensation if  you send someone to their website and that person purchase a product or by participating in products trials. 

One good thing about Ferveo is that, the kinds of products that they are offering are fast moving and you are more likely to make some good sales with effective marketing.  You do not even need to have a website to promote their products, you can advertise their products (using your website link) in social networks like Facebook, Stumbleupon etc.  To learn more about this program, you can watch a short video on Ferveo website.

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