Intofarm, Invest to Farm Project Review

 is an investment website where you invest your money and receive payment on monthly basis. The amount of money that you receive depends on the type of  farm that you invested in and how much money you spent/invested.

The company invests the money paid by members in real projects such as expanding production companies or buying company assets and since the money gotten from the depositors (investors) enable them to have enough capital for developing their business, in return, they pay their depositors (members) a high percentage of profit that they make. 

How to Make Money with Intofarm

Invest MoneyAt the time of writing this review, they were giving out a $10 bonus that you can use to buy a mini farm and start earning. You can also deposit more money and invest in other farms. The farms vary in prices and the total amount of money that you earn depends on the type of farm that you choose and purchase.  

Each farm comes with a refrigerator that can fit certain amount of eggs and once the refrigerator is full, you are required to either sell your eggs or buy another refrigerator for storing your eggs.  Once you sell your eggs, the amount gotten is credited on your cash balance.

The following is a list of farm that you can choose to invest in;

Farm 1
Price: $2
Produce: 2 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $4.8
Farm 2
Price: $20
Produce: 21 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $50
Farm 3
Price: $60
Produce: 68 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $168

Farm 4
Price: $400
Produce: 500 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $1260

Farm 5
Price: $2000
Produce: 2535 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $6540

The most popular and high paying farm is poultry farm.  If you invest $2000, you get paid $ 545 per month.

Here is another example of how the program works;

Let us say your buy a farm at $20.
Every week that farm will produce 5 eggs.
You sell the eggs at $0.2 per unit = $0.2 x 5=$1
In six months, you will have 5 eggs (eggs produced in one week) x 26 weeks (total weeks in 6 months) =130 eggs.
Total amount earned in six month will be 130 eggs x $0.2= $26. You can simply compound your earnings by buying another farm.

Referral System 
Refer 10 people and receive a mini farm which is worth $2. This farm will give you $0.4 by the end of each month. They also pay 8% of the referral deposit and 1% of tier 2 referral deposit. They have various payment processors which include; Liberty Reserve,  Perfect Money and Solid Trust pay. 
Bottom Line
This is a good program if only it would be sustainable but as with any other online business, one needs to be very careful while investing in such programs. The program started early  last year (2011) and so far, it has more than 400,000 members but how long it will last, no one knows. There are no available records of payment proof that I found on the website but after doing my research further, I was able to find a few forums where people have displayed their payment proof.
Lastly, if you decide to invest in this program, start with little amount such as; $20 or $60 and then use the money that you earn to buy more farms. The best thing to remember when investing in any online program is that , you should only invest in what you can afford to lose. Visit Intofarm and learn more on how to invest.

Read about intofarm Latest News on 9/2/2012.

Intofarm Payment Proof 11/1/2012
Intofarm is still paying but only to members who request withdrawals via Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve.  This is my Perfect Money payment proof which I requested two weeks. ago.

Magnetic - Currency Exchanger

Magnetic Exchange is an online currency exchanger company that offers currency exchange services at a small fee.  The site is owned and managed by Magnetic Exchange Inc, a registered company in the Republic of Panama. It has been operating as an e-currency exchange market since 2008.

You can buy or sell currency online using any of the following e-currency and payment processors;
  • Liberty Reserve
  • Perfect Money
  • LiqPay
  • C-gold
  • Pecunix
  • Solid Trust Pay
  • EgoPay
  • Payza
How Long Does Magnetic Exchange Takes to Complete a Transcation?
  • Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, LiqPay and EuroGoldCash are done instantly (automatically). 
  • Pecunix-related transactions are operator-assisted, so they normally take from 5 to 30 minutes to complete during the operating hours.
  • C-gold-related transactions are done upon the C-gold approval and take from 30 minutes to 12 hours to be processed.
  • Solid Trust Pay-related transactions are available only to the verified STP users and are processed only upon the approval of the STP security department. This can take 30 minutes to 20 days for the STP withdrawal transactions to be processed.
  • EgoPay withdrawal transactions require the approval of the system's security service. The whole process may take from several minutes to one week but all exchange transcations that involve buying with EgoPay are processed instantly.
  • Payza related transactions are processed manually within 24 to 48 hours (Monday to Friday).  
Magnetic Exchange Currency Conversation Rate
The currency conversation rate depends on the e-currency or the payment processor that you have selected. Here is an example of the what you will pay and receive when you exchange $20 Perfect Money with Egopay.   
magnetic Exchange
In the above example, the amount of money you receive is minus the fee charged by Perfect Money and Egopay. The Magnetic Exchange service fee is 0.485%.  Magnetic service fee varies depending on the e-currency or the paymentprocessor that you are using.  With the lowest been 0.3% and the highest been 20% (when you pay using an Egopay e-currency). 

Here is a screen shot of my latest Magnetic Exchange transcation. Exchanging $20.81 Perfect Money with Payza. 

This is another screen of the complete transcation afterPerfect money fee of $0.11 is deducted.

This is my final confirmation screen shot from Payza. I was expecting to receive $19.43 but I received $20.19 since I got a 3% discount from Magnetic Exchange. 

Magnetic Site Security
The site is verified and certified with a SSL Certificate from The SSL Certificate is the standard for Web security and a Server Certificate that is required by most merchant account services. The company is also a VSF Network Accredited Exchanger. You can visit  Magnetic Exchange and learn more about the fee and other important information.

Goldenarium HYIP Review

 is a private HYIP investment and wealth management company that is based in London but registered in England and Wales in United Kingdom.  The company is offering three different types of long term investments; Bronze, Silver and Golden.

Each investement plan consists of five different levels. The minimum amount of money you can invest is $10 and the maximum is $250,000. Below is a screen shot of all the three investment plans, different levels and their daily earnings.
Goldenarium Payment Processors
The payment processors available on the site are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay. The minimum amount of money you are allowed to withdrawal is $1 and above but depending on how muchmoney you have in your account. Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.
The website has been verified and issued with 256 Bit  security logo by COMODO. It uses SSL for secure online transcation and has a website identity assurance (insurance) warranty of up to $250,000. Goldenarium is also DDoS Protected.
Support System
The kind of support system available on the site is through online chat with personal online manager and online email system.
If you are interested in investing in HYIP, you can visit Goldenarium and learn more about the program. Review - HYIP is a new HYIP cum financial company which is owned and managed by Perfect Finance Limited in United Kingdom and operating under the registration number 07499339.  The company claims it has been operating since 2011 as a private investment management and consulting company - PERFECT FINANCE LIMITED, where they offered offline services to private clients until September, 2012 when they decided to start an investment program for all investors, worldwide. is offering four different types of long term investments plan with individually set compounding rates (you can set your compounding rate).   Your daily earnings depends on the plan that you choose.
  • PF Starter
  • PF Regular
  • PF Advanced
  • PF Magnificient
The minimum amount of money that you can invest is $10  and the maximum you can invest per deposit is $100,000. E-currencies and Payment Processor
Currently, they are accepting LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. 
LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay withdrawals are processed instantlyEgoPay withdrawals requires further verification and are processed within 24 hours. The minimum amount of money that you can withdrawal is $0.01 for LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, $0.50 for SolidTrustPay, $1 for EgoPay. Support System
Their support system include; phone, email, online chat.  You can call them on +44 20 7097 8777, UK, Office, Available 8:00 AM -  4:00 PM (GMT) and +62 81 2521 76706 Available 24/7. The company address is PERFECT FINANCE LIMITED, Office 36, 88-90 Hatton Gardens, London, United Kingdom, EC1N 8PN.
Security and Design
The site is DDoS secured, protected by a dedicated server and SSL secured.
To learn more about the program, visit website. Just remember, there is nothing safe when it comes to HYIP and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Inbox Pounds Review - Online Rewards Club

 is an online rewards club that is based in United Kingdom. The site is a replicate of InboxDollar, which is also a reward website that allow members to earn money by doing various task and completing paid emails.

InboxPound is free to join and no pre-registration requirements are needed. Once you register and confirm your registration, you account is credited with £1.00.  Members are paid from revenue got from the advertisers through their advertisements in forms of paid emails, online survey etc. Advertisers partner with companies like InboxPound to get feedbacks about their services or products and then use the consumers feedbacks to improve on their products or services.

How to Make Money with InboxPound
There are various ways to earn money with InboxPound;
  • Reading paid emails
  • Doing simple tasks
  • Completing surveys
  • Searching web through their search engine
  • Playing games
  • Bingo
  • Watching Videos

I am not sure of how much money you earn by completing each of the given task but from what I have seen from other sites that offer similar services, the earnings is usually a couple of cents or a few dollars/pounds per task.  To make good money in such websites, you will need to complete alot of tasks.
The amount of money that you earn is also affected by your level of participation. Members who frequently participate in their programs, may receive atleast 3 paid emails in a day, while those who do not actively participate on their site might not receive any paid email.
In addition, some of the paid emails offers you an opportunity to participate in trials or signup for special offers and products. However, you still earn cash for confirming the paid email regardless of whether you participated in the offer or not.
Lastly, InboxPound is a reward website that offers you an opportunity to earn money through paid emails and by completing other offers. Even though it may take you sometimes to earn on such websites, I still think it is worth joining the site since you will be doing what you usually do on daily basis. 

Ferveo Review - How to Get Paid for Ferveo Product Trials

Ferveo is a company that is still in prelaunch stage which claim to offer the most powerful science based products in health and wellness industry once it start operating after 58 days. The company also state to have created a unique lucrative compensation plan like no other one in the world.

So, What is Ferveo?
Ferveo is a direct sales company based in Salt Lake City that will be launced later on by the end of this year.  The overall mission of Ferveo is to allow individuals to rise to their full potentials by providing them with products, training and system that they need to function fully. 

Ferveo Products
Ferveo products will focus on; health, wellness, healthy weight management, beauty and financial products.

Benefits of Using Ferveo Products
  • Unique and patented herbal blend that will improve the way you feel and function.
  • Products made of unique ingredients which have not been sold anywhere in the world.
  • Products created by dozens of doctors and experts inside of a facility operating under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in USA.
  • Products that will support energy, weight loss and relaxation.
  • Products that will help in curbing appetite and cravings for sweet foods thus assisting in a healthy and effective weight management program.
  • Natural products which are low in sugar and low in calories.
  • Once taken, the products work in 6 to 10 minutes and the results last for hours. You can consume one in the morning  and one in the afternoon for optimal results.
  • Immuno compromised individuals, people seeking to get more energy, students and anyone else will get the right products that will help them in achieving the ultimate human potentials.

The first line of products to be introduced into the market will be human performance and immunity boosting beverages that will improve the physical and mental well being of the individuals. It main purpose will be to; increase energy, protect cells, boost immunity, prevent common colds, combat stress and help in mental growth and overall function of the individuals concerned.

Ferveo Compensation Plan
Joining the program is free, once you enroll during pre-launch stage, you will receive your own website where you can start building your downline.  Ferveo compensation plan is a version of the binary compensation model and offers one of the  highest percentage payout in the industry. Ferveo claims to pays an approx 35% more than any other  binary compensation plans of the industry's biggest companies.

Though it is not very clear how you will earn through theircompensation plan but from my understanding, it seems that, Ferveo is offering a kind of CPA (cost per sale) model of business. That means you will only be entitled for a compensation if  you send someone to their website and that person purchase a product or by participating in products trials. 

One good thing about Ferveo is that, the kinds of products that they are offering are fast moving and you are more likely to make some good sales with effective marketing.  You do not even need to have a website to promote their products, you can advertise their products (using your website link) in social networks like Facebook, Stumbleupon etc.  To learn more about this program, you can watch a short video on Ferveo website.

Get Paid for Generating Lead - Online Pay Per Lead Programs

Generating leads is one of the most lucrative way of earning money online. You simple earn by sending visitors to the merchant's site and once they complete a certain requirement, you earn a commission. These requirements are usually as simple as a signing up as a new member or filling up a form. 

So, what is lead?  A lead is an individual who is sent to a merchant's website and expresses interest in the merchant's or advertiser products or services.
Leads are usually obtained through referral links or banners that you are given to promote the merchants products or through a direct response to advertisers.  Most of these pay per lead programs pay very well, though it depends on the total number of leads that you are able to generate and the merchant's payment rate.
The following is a list of Pay Per Lead Programs that you can join and start making money online.

A pay-per-lead affiliate program that pays for visitors who fill up applications with any of their Financial destination websites.
Earnings: $6.50 - $150 per lead
Tier: 1
Payment method: Wire, Paypal and WebMoney
Minimum payout: $100
Datafeed: Available

You are paid for generating free leads for their Debt Analysis Program and for Free Quote Requests.  You can earn up to $20 Per Qualified Free Debt Consultation Lead. You  get a unique toll free number to place to your website and earn $30 per qualified debt consultation call. You also earn 10% override on commissions of all of your referrals.
Earnings: $20 per lead, 2nd tier: 10%
Tier: 2
Payment method: Check or Direct Deposit
Minimum payout: $50
Pay Date: Monthly
Cookies Length: Lifetime

Born to Sell
Born to Sell is subscription service that helps investors earn income via covered calls (long stock + short option) through target audiences (anyone who owns stocks or ETFs). They offer  $5 per-lead (free trial sign up) and $40 per-sale (new subscriber) commissions, including 2-tier commissions.
Earnings: $5 per lead, $40 per sale
Tier: 2
Payment method: Check or Bank Deposit
Minimum payout: $50
Pay Date: Monthly
Cookies Length: 90 days
A fast-growing healthy lifestyle site which is committed to helping people achieve their fitness goals. They encourage members to interact with each other by forming support network relationships. To keep track of their personal food and exercises.  You get paid  $0.10 per free member sign-up.
Earnings: $0.10 per free member signup
Tier: 2
Payment method: Check
Minimum payout: $50
Pay Date: Twice a Month
Cookies Length: 90 days

Thrifty Domains
Get paid for your site traffic and earn a commison. You receive 50% commission for every referal that register for a paid shared hosting account or VPS plan.
Earnings: 50% 1st tier, 2nd tier: 25%
Tier: 2
Payment method: Check, PayPal, Direct Deposit
Minimum payout: $100
Pay Date: Monthly
Cookies Length: Lifetime offers hosting services and other web services. You earn money by referring visitors to their website.  For every new active member, you are paid $1.00.
Earnings: $1 per member
Tier: 1
Payment method: Paypal or Check
Minimum payout: $50
Pay Date: Monthly
Cookies Length: 30 days
They offer a profitable and professional website to your referrals at $200. All sites are customized with  their "Webmaster-On-Demand" service to keep the site up to date. The website that you referrals get consists of; a free domain name, custom design, email accounts, hosting, search optimization, an AdWords campaign and ongoing updates.
Earnings: $5 per form submission
Tier: 1
Payment method: Paypal or Check
Minimum payout: $5
Pay Date: Monthly
Cookies Length: 30 days

EDeals UK is a cash back reward program based in UK. They reward their members in cash for their usual online shopping. They also offer new members a free £5 welcome bonus. New members are required to sign up via a short form.
Earnings: Up to 60% rev share
Tier: 1
Payment method: Paypal
Minimum payout: $100
Pay Date: Monthly
Datafeed: Not Available

Forex Club International's is the world’s largest financial market with millions of traders and with over 3 trillion dollars traded daily. It is one of the fastest growing financial sectors which provides online trading to more than 120 countries.
Earnings: Up to $300 on every client
Tier: 1
Payment method:Check and Direct Deposit
Minimum payout: $50
Pay Date: Monthly
Datafeed: Not Available
Cookies Length: Lifetime

FxGrant Partners
A revenue sharing program that pay up to 50% of the revenue generated from clients referred by you. You are eligible to receive the commission as long as your referred client trades with them, with no limitations.
Earnings: Earn 50% rev share, 2nd tier: 10%
Tier: 2
Payment method:Moneybookers, Paypal and Payza
Minimum payout: No Minimum
Pay Date: Monthly
Cookies Length: Lifetime